It wasn't until I began practicing with Liz that I started to understand the true meaning of yoga. Liz embodies the practice, and her passion for teaching, dedication to the principles and poses, and authentic kindness towards all students is contagious. I continuously recommend Liz's classes and workshops to others because, for me, the instruction is at a different level than any other I have experienced. Practicing with Liz is a highlight from week to week because she has perfectly captured the balance of the mental and physical in her teaching, making each experience not only informative and inspiring, but fun!


~ Isabella, Rhode Island


Liz is a fantastic and inspiring yoga teacher. 

Her classes are so different from others I’ve done in the past, which I've found quite repetitive. Each of her classes is unique – I never know what the class will involve, but I know that I will leave it stronger and happier. Liz's sequencing is unique and really well considered. Everything in her classes lead up to a ‘peak pose’ – a challenging pose, many of which I never would have thought I could pull off but Liz provides a safe space to practice.

I’m currently just over half way through Liz’s 8-week workshop where we not only do physical practice but also learn some of the theory behind yoga. Liz is clearly so passionate and learned about these subjects and I along with all of the other participants have found the workshop so inspiring and if you’re open to it, life changing.


~ Rachel, Rhode Island

I’d been practicing yoga for almost 20 years when I started taking Liz’s class. Through Liz’s unique style of yoga that combines a focus on your breath and intention with sweat and athleticism, I’ve taken my practice to another level. Her classes are both fun and challenging and I always leave feeling like my best self. I recommend taking a class with Liz to both the seasoned yogi and those who are just beginning, alike.
— Jessica, Rhode Island