Soulful Sunday



What is the purpose of life?

What if everyone's perception of the colors are different?

Have you tried to fathom that there is no end to the universe?

Wondered, what happens after we leave our body?

Well,I know you are a thinker! Because if you weren't, you wouldn't be here. 

So what do we do with these questions that keep you up at night? 

TALK ABOUT THEM WITH YOUR SANGHA (your crew in spiritual terms).

Liz is clearly so passionate and learned about these subjects and I along with all of the other participants have found the workshop so inspiring and if you’re open to it, life changing..jpg

If you want to discuss the philosophy of yoga and how to apply into a modern life, please join me for Soulful Sunday ONLINE! This series will be condensed and held live on Sunday mornings for 6 weeks. Whether you are new to yoga, or have been practicing a while, you are welcome and you will get something from it.

Upon sign up you will be added to the private facebook discussion group where a live video will be shared weekly. AND I know you are busy, which is why it's so awesome that you don't have to tune in during the stream! You will have permanent access to the content. During or after the video, you are free to ask questions and I will facilitate discussion between group members to foster an even greater sense of community and relationship (people have been known to hook up for coffee dates and book clubs from these groups!). 

Week 1: What is Yoga?

Week 2: The Four Noble Truths and Six Paramitas

Week 3: Abundance vs. Scarcity

Week 4: Karma, the great teacher!

Week 5: How to get anything you want! Hint: Manifestation!

Week 6: What do I do know that I know all of this stuff?


I will pose questions, give you homework and exercises to expand your understandings and interpretations of the philosophy of yoga. Every week you will get access to your new video and then jump in on our interactive group chat to discuss and contemplate the teachings. 

I am SO EXCITED to take this course online. Click below to email me and confirm your spot! 

Dates: November 5- December 11, 2018
Time: Sunday morning at 10AM live group chat and videos on your on your own time. 
Includes: 30 min yoga flow relevant to the teachings, 45 min Dharma, 15 min meditation
Location: Online
Cost: $150

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