Teaching Mentorship


Do you feel like you want to make teaching more of your business? Or do you feel like you have some questions left unanswered from training? I created this mentorship because it is something that I wish that I had when I first started teaching. From feeling more confident with your words to the right amount of pressure in a hands-on-assist, you will leave feeling clearer on your niche as a teacher. 

Yoga is a practice that is constantly evolving, and as teachers, hopefully we are too. We will first meet and discuss your personal goals for your business. Then, we will schedule four 3 hour sessions of 1-1 time for a total of 12 in person hours. On top of the 12 in person hours, you have access to me through email as much as you want and a call once per month in between our in person meetings. 

Session 1-Sequencing

In our first meeting we will discuss the daunting task of creating new and dynamic sequences. Together we will go through the step by step process that I use to teach, and why it works so well for all learning styles and abilities. Few things are worse than leaving a class feeling like you aren't quite sure what happened. Having an order to your sequence will help you to create dynamic and creative classes that people will leave feeling that they have had a full practice.  

Session 2-Incorporating dharma

In this lecture we will learn how to incorporate yogic philosophy into every class.  Yoga is not asana, I would like to be clear about that. Yoga is mind training, asana is one of the limbs of yoga and was only developed as a means to open the hips so that you could sit for long periods of time in meditation to reach enlightenment.. WHEW!!!! Did you know that? I didn't... even after my first teacher training.

After such an emphasis on alignment and shapes, many teachers quickly forget the whole point, which is to help alleviate your students from suffering. Most people are not meditating or even interested in yogic philosophy, how can we incorporate yogic teachings in an unassuming and zero pressure way? Speak to what you know to be true. We will explore that deeply in our longest session, so that you feel confident sharing from your heart. 

Session 3- Cueing & assisting

Feel like you get flustered trying to teach, assist and incorporate dharma? It is flustering at first. We will work to grow in the areas you already feel more comfortable in so that it doesn't feel like an effort when you are teaching. We will talk about using clear cues, incorporating props and how to give your students meaningful assists. 

Session 4- Yoga as your business

In this final session we will discuss how to balance your life as yoga teacher constantly on the hustle.  As a 1099 you have a unique opportunity to create a business and life that you love through teaching yoga.  Learn how to create your own sacred spaces so that you find joy in yoga for yourself, how to create boundaries with your students and your energy and how to manage the unpredictable world of being a 1099.  We will discuss all things business, shameless self promotion, finding the value you can contribute and BELIEVING IN IT and answer any other business questions you may have. 

Not in Providence? This mentorship can happen virtually, although in person will be an enhanced hands-on experience. We will work together to create a schedule that works for your busy life. 

In person option: $1000

Virtual option: $700

Small Group: $575 (minimum 3 teachers)

*You must already be 200hr certified.

Payment accepted: Venmo, Check, or Cash
To sign up, please email me at lrguardia@gmail.com

I can't wait to work with you!